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Our car service offers affordable prices and a qualitative car chip-tuning:

  • DPF and EGR removal from 120 EUR,
  • DPF removal and welding from 100 EUR,
  • Performance improvement from 150 EUR.
Are you planning to offer your clients similar services as chip tuning, EGR and DPF removal? Then you came to the right place! With our offered scanners you can become a professional!
Our OBD scanner is one of the most effective and safest tuning device in the world. Together with our chip tuning files (remapping) you will be able to offer all services, for example, chip tuning (remap), EGR removal, DPF/FAP removal, Adblue and others. Create a successful and wealthy business!
We will teach you how to read and write software (maps) from your engine control unit (ECU/ECM), afterward, you will be able to upload original software (maps) to our server by login in autochip.lv with your unique user name and password and we will reprogram it within 30-50 minutes. When reprograming is accomplished, you will be able to download chip fail from the autochip.lv home page and easily write it back to the engine control unit (ECU/ECM).
We offer chip tuning files for cars, trucks and agricultural machinery. Already 16+ representative workshops in Latvia and Lithuania trust our quality. Join our distributor network and order your own OBD scanner. Start benefiting from our support and knowledge. Our support team is available seven days a week from 9.30AM till 22.00PM, you can contact us via e-mail: info@autochip.lv, Skype: Autochip.lv, Viber/WhatsApp + 371 27744725 We will give you step-by-step instructions so you can safely start your own business.

About Us

We offer to improve your car’s (as well as truck or agricultural machinery) performance. We will solve DPF, EGR, Adblue and other vehicle engines problems.

We will perform your car’s engine control unit diagnostics, programming, engine-check, and other repairs.

We are a company with many years of experience and best experts of chip tuning. It allows us to provide a wide range and highest quality requirement services.

We have been meticulously inspecting other company’s mistakes and gaps, therefore we can guarantee the best quality of our services.

This can be proven by more than 5 000 satisfied customers in our 10 years of work. Our customers never had any problems during vehicle inspections.

Your advantage will be better vehicle performance and greater comfort at a more affordable price.

We look forward to see you at our service!

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