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Chip Tuning




Chip tuning is one of the most effective ways on how to create better performance for your car.

Usually, it is possible to gain a 15-35% increase in power and approximately 10% of the fuel economy.

What is chip tuning?

Chip tuning is engine control unit optimization with a purpose to improve or to adjust it to a specific needs. During chip tuning, several engine performance parameters are changed (for example an amount of fuel injection, ignition timing, turbocharger pressure etc.). Chip tuning vehicle performance improvement starting from 120 EUR.
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Our car service offers affordable prices and a qualitative car chip tuning:

DPF and EGR removal from 80 EUR,

DPF removal and welding from 40 EUR,

Performance improvement from 120 EUR.

Automašīnas Car ECU cloning

Chip tuning prices: 

Engine computer diagnostics from 15 EUR.
Diesel engine capacity increase depending on a number of engine cylinders and year of vehicle release:

Year of release Number of cylinders Price, EUR
up to 2005 4-5 120
2005 - 2009 4 120
from 2009 4 150 - 200
up to 2005 6 150
2005-2009 5-6 180
from 2009 5-6  180- 250
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Error reprogramming 50 EUR.
The price includes car diagnostics, pre-programming and after programming for each car individually.
DPF/FAP/EGR reprogramming is for free, if you choose engine performance improvement for your car.
We provide programming by using newest technologies since 2010 We are using licensed devices produced in Italian enterprises Dimsport, Alientech: Newgen, NewTrasdata, Kess v2, Ktag. As well as the Turkish enterprise produced program Swiftec.


Initial inspection – detection of the defects that affect power increase.
Creating an individual program with professional programs/optimization – EGR off, DPF off etc.

Control system testing.
Chip tuning takes around 5-8 hours.
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Problems with DPF system? Need to remove DPF (soot) warning light? Thanks to our experienced team, the software we use to remove DPF, is a complete system solution, not only a simple removal of the warning light on a panel. This procedure increases fuel economy, improves vehicle engine performance, prolongs the life of the turbine, and the car will not remain on the emergency mode. DPF removal starting from 80 EUR.


EGR means an Exhaust Gas Recirculation system. EGR valve creates a loop when exhaust gases from the exhaust manifold get in the inlet manifold. This process is called exhaust gas recirculation. By removing EGR valve, a risk to damage soot filter will significantly decrease. EGR valve price is around 100-350 EUR plus invested work and time. By removing EGR, vehicle performance and fuel economy will improve. EGR valve removal price starts from 80 EUR.


Prices of a petrol engine turbocharging:

With one turbine – 200-300 EUR (e.g. A4 1.8T 20v)

With two turbines – from 300 EUR (e.g. Audi 2.7 twin turbo).

By installing an auto gas equipment in LPG service, you will get a discount for chip tuning.

For more information please call: +371 27744725

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